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State Intelligence Service Director and Air Force Chief Dismissed

Updated: Mar 8

FILE - A view of the Capital Building in Sunset State (Soundland Government).

In a statement released yesterday evening, the Office of the President announced significant changes in the leadership of two key national security and defense roles. According to the official statement, on Thursday the The Director of the State Intelligence Service and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, E. Vinoly was relieved of his duties by President Morber.

The statement reports that the President views this move as a necessary step to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of the nation's security and defense apparatus. The President's office says that this move will bring fresh perspectives and help foster innovation within these critical roles, and that the President has initiated a process to identify qualified individuals to fill these key roles. It was not reported that Director Vinoly had been assigned another role in the Government or Armed Forces.

Vinoly had served in his positions since the nations independence in August of 2020.

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