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President Morber visits US Capital

Updated: Mar 8

President Morber standing inside the Lincoln Memorial (Office of the President).

President Morber has returned from a five day trip to Washington DC. During his tour of the city, he engaged in a variety of activities, including visits to iconic landmarks such as the American Capitol Building, White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Embassy Row. In addition, he met with youth from around the world who are engaged with politics and international relations, marking his focus on the involvement of youth in today's issues.

This is the first time that Morber has visited the US capital since Soundland's independence in 2020. Throughout the busy visit, Morber highlighted the importance of upholding democracy and democratic ideals, and how the actions that resulted in Soundland's independence must not be allowed to happen again.

President Morber at a statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the Indian embassy. (Office of the President)

The trip was a overall success, putting a light on the Morber administration's support of pro-democracy efforts in the nation ahead of the 2024 elections, the work done by the current American government, as well as Morber's commitment to foreign outreach, protecting the rights of all people, and youth involvement at the table of a world facing monumental challenges.

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