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About Us

About Us

About Us

Founded in August of 2020, the Republic of Soundland is a sovereign and independent nation that consists of a collection of territories and is located in the Puget Sound. Soundland is a centralized presidential republic with a unicameral 

legislature. To learn more about our governmental structure, visit our Government page.



Soundland was founded by Clark Morber in 2020 in response to the actions of federal agents in Portland Oregon, who, acting under the orders of then president Trump, were unlawfully grabbing people off the street in unmarked cars and detaining them them without charges in such a way that could only be described as kidnapping. These actions were one piece of an arsenal of tactics that were used in response to widespread protests at the time in Portland.

Clark watched this, and the lack of national backlash to these obvious violations of basic constitutional rights with much worry. If such a thing could happen with no consequences, the constitution was effectively voided. He felt that this crossed the line into true authoritarianism at the hands of Trump. If he could get away with this, what else could his administration do?

As such, to safeguard democracy and civil rights, on August 2nd 2020, the first Soundlandian constitution was ratified and Soundland became an independent nation. 

The first year of Soundland's existence consisted mainly of population growth and the establishment of core departments. Development of Soundland was slowed during this period due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the summer of 2022, president Clark Morber attended Microcon 2022, a diplomatic summit of miconations, as a delegate representing the Republic of Soundland. This is was the first step of international diplomacy for the Republic of Soundland. 

National Symbols

National Symbols

Like any other nation, Soundland has a full set of national symbols. They represent the state and government and help to create a sense of national identity and unity.

National Flag
Soundland Flag.png

The blue in the flag represents water and the green represents land as well as the Puget sound's beautiful greenery and forests. Together they form a visual of overlooking an island. In the middle of the flag is the shield of Soundland, representing the government. You can scroll down to read more about the shield.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms serves as Soundland's official seal. It consists of the shield of Soundland which is then flanked by two blue herons, the national bird of Soundland. On top is the northern star, a landmark of the northern sky, which for many symbolizes inspiration, freedom and hope. On the bottom is the date of Soundland's independence.

National Government Logo

Along with the coat of arms, the national government logo is used as a signifier of the national government in all activities. You can find them on anything produced or paid for by the national government, either alone or alongside a departmental logo, including websites, flyers, ads and many other things in everyday life. The design of the government logo incorporates the coat of arms along with additional text.

The Shield

Featured prominently in the coat of arms, the government logo and the flag as well as other identifiers, the Soundland shield on national symbols represents the national government as well as the the state's duty to protect its citizens and their civil rights. The red in the shield represents the blood shed of those have pushed for democracy and civil rights throughout history, and the yellow stands for prosperity.

Blue Heron

The Blue Heron is Soundland's national bird and often serves as a symbol of Soundland much like the United States' Bald Eagle. It is a common sight in the waterways and shores of the Puget Sound. The Blue Heron can be found on the coat of arms of Soundland and is featured on the $20 note of Cascadian dollar, Soundland's currency.

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