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The Republic of Soundland is a centralized presidential republic that is made up of a collection of territorial states and territories with a unicameral legislature. Although at first glance it may seem so, Soundland is not a federation. Even though Soundland does share some similarities, it is more of a unitary state. Soundland has a high national focus in both government and in culture. Most political power is reserved for the national government, and our citizens consider themselves more as Soundlandians than they do as citizens of any territorial state. Indeed, territorial states have limited power and autonomy, which differentiates based on population.

The Republic of Soundland has a classic presidential system of government with some European  influences. We have three branches of government: the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.  


What Does the Government Do?

Implements Foreign and 
Domestic Policy
Regulates Commerce and Monetary Policy
 Sets and Enforces the Law
What the Braches do

What they do:

The Executive Branch carries out and enforces the laws passed by the legislative branch, conducts diplomacy with other nations and has overall responsibility for the governance of the state. The executive branch consists of departments, agencies, and offices, and is led by the president together with the vice president, who are elected by a ranked-choice vote every two years.

The Legislative Branch consists of the National Senate. The legislative branch passes laws, declares war, regulates foreign and inter-state commerce, sets the budget, and more. The National Senate is led by the Speaker, who the National Senate elects at the start of each year-long session. 


The Judicial Branch is made up of the Supreme Court. It determines the constitutionality of national and territorial state laws and interprets them. It rules on cases brought before it and reviews constitutional complaints submitted by citizens. It currently is made up of only the High Justice, who leads it, but the National Senate has the option to expand the number of justices on the court.

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