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State Intelligence Service


The State Intelligence Service, commonly referred to as the  SIS, serves as Soundland's primary intelligence agency, with a multifaceted role that encompasses safeguarding the nation from both domestic and foreign threats while also fulfilling crucial security functions. In addition, the SIS plays a pivotal role in collecting and providing invaluable intelligence resources to support the Soundland government.

In addition to its intelligence-gathering and analysis efforts, the SIS also assumes a prominent security role. This role entails the protection of Soundland's national security interests, counterintelligence efforts, and ensuring the integrity of sensitive operations. This versatile approach underscores the agency's comprehensive commitment to Soundland's national security and stability.


SIS is led by a Director, appointed by the president. The Director oversees the agency's daily operations, sets strategic objectives, and plays a crucial role in shaping the agency's mission and ensuring its effective implementation. In addition, the Director is also a member of the Security Council, a body which advises the president on national security, intelligence and foreign policy matters.

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