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Visting Soundland


Although Soundland's borders are open, Soundland is not currently open to tourism by the general public. However, members of the journalistic community, foreign and international officials, and figures of importance are always welcome. Additionally, those who know citizens or live nearby often visit or travel through territory of Soundland. 

Border Requirements
Border Requirements

The National Police do not operate 24/7 border checkpoints, but may set up checkpoints and customs operations in case of high traffic or other reasons. We ask all those wishing to enter Soundland to present a form of ID upon request by border agents. Preferably, bring a passport or photo ID.


Presenting a form of ID is not strictly necessary, but you will not be allowed to stay for more than one day and it raises the risk of being denied entry.

If your country does not qualify for visa-free entry, it is recommended you apply for a visiting visa five days in advance of your visit. Certain types of stays will require a visa.

Most countries qualify for visa-free entry.

If you do not wish for your passport to be stamped, you may have a Visa paper stamped instead.

Stay Durations of a Visiting Visa:

No ID: 1 Day (Higher risk of denial of entry) 
No ID, Stamped Visa Paper: 2 Days (Higher risk of denial of entry)
ID, Stamped Visa Paper: 25 Days

Passport Equivalent, Stamped Visa Paper/Passport: 40 Days

If you plan to travel to Soundland and trade or participate in our labor markets, plan to stay for an extended period of time, or otherwise think you may be required to have a visa, please contact the Department of State at

Customs Requirements
Customs Requirements

You are required to declare certain items at customs when entering Soundland, and certain items are prohibited. 

When stopped by Soundlandian customs, you must declare the following items: fruits, plants, seeds, food from outside the USA or Canada, insects, meats, animal wildlife products, snails, currency or monetary instruments with a value in excess of $1,500 CAS ($1,950 USD), commercial merchandise with a value above $1,000 CAS ($1,300 USD), alcohol, marijuana, biological items, weapons, and regulated items*. The National Police reserves the right to reject items from entry into Soundland.


If you are in doubt, declare it.


Some examples of prohibited items are Narcotics, dangerous items, dangerous or lethal weapons, counterfeit goods, endangered species and the products of such, items that may pose an ecological threat and goods produced by an organization or nation under sanction by the Government of Soundland.

Some items are restricted by Soundland customs. If you believe that an item you have may be restricted, please contact the National Police at or the State Department at at least 3 days in advance of your entry into Soundland.

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