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The National Senate


The National Senate is the unicameral legislature of Soundland. It consists of four senators who are elected every year by ranked-choice voting. The National Senate meets regularly at least once every month to handle legislative issues, debate, and vote on proposed bills and resolutions. The National Senate is led by the speaker, who is elected at the start of every new term. The Speaker for the second National Senate has not yet been elected.

"Legislative power shall be vested in a National Senate, which shall be made up of four nationally elected senators. These senators shall represent the national population of Soundland."

As the presiding officer of the National Senate, the Speaker is responsible for maintaining decorum and enforcing parliamentary rules, recognizing senators to speak, assigning bills to committees  and scheduling them for debate, conducting votes, assigning senators to committees, appointing committee chairs among other parliamentary roles. In the absence of the Speaker, a senator is selected to be the acting Speaker, which is the senator who has served the longest consecutively.

The Current Composition of the National Senate

Presently, there is one political party represented in the National Senate, along with the presence of three independent senators. The Speaker for the second National Senate has not yet been elected. There exists no coalition between the parties, and senators generally vote based on their own beliefs.

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