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Territorial State of Sunset

Sunset State is Soundland’s Capital. Sunset is named for the beautiful sunsets that can be seen over the water from it. Sunset's landscape is dominated by the Capital building. Sunset’s northeast to the southwest border is marked by a fence that runs along the full length of the border.

Photo gallery of Sunset State

Territorial State of Bill Point

Bill Point is mainly made up of a field, cut by winding paths leading around flowers, trees, and landscaped plants. To the north, it has a garden, used for agriculture. Overlooking the water, Bill Point has a great view of the sunrise towards the Cascades. Bill Point was annexed and incorporated as a territorial state on July 5th, 2022.

Types of Territories

Territories in the Republic of Soundland are divided into two classes: Territorial States and Territories. 

Territorial States are the main type of territory in Soundland, and are the equivalent of the states or provinces of other nations, although much more spread out. Each territorial state has a Territorial State Representative, who serves to help govern the state and to serve as its representative to the national government. Although autonomy is limited in the interest of promoting an identity at the national level, the amount of local autonomy each territorial state has is dependent on the size of its population. You can learn more about this and the complexities of territorial states by reading Article 7 of Soundland's constitution.

Territories are reserved for uninhabited or distant land. They have no local autonomy, although a territorial representative is appointed by the president if they have a population of more than two. Territorial representatives have the power of petitioning, and serve to advocate for their territory on the national level. Citizens who live in territories still hold all of the rights and powers of other citizens.

About our Territories

As mandated by the constitution, only land inside the border of the Cascadia Bioregion may be annexed. New territories are incorporated into the Republic of Soundland when, after consultation and coordination with the affected populace, a bill of annexation is passed by the National Senate and signed by the president. 

People who live on Soundland territory but are not citizens are considered residents of Soundland, and as such, are entitled to certain legal rights. Residents of Soundland are not required to have a citizen recommendation in order to apply for citizenship and have the right travel freely though Soundland. Residents have the option of applying for a Resident ID card to help prove their residency.

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