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This page provides information about elections, their candidates, and voting for Soundlandians.

Voting is an important aspect and right of being a citizen in Soundland, and citizens do it often, with the National Senate being elected annually and the President and Vice President being elected every two years. 

Soundland uses secure online voting systems for its elections, so voting is convenient and accessible for all Soundlandians, easy to set up and manage for the Soundlandian Government, and still completely safe and confidential.


Almost all elections in Soundland use ranked-choice voting, a modern and progressive way of voting. RCV guarantees a higher quality of elections for Soundlandians. This, and the frequency of elections, with the National Senate being elected every year and the President and VP every two years, means Soundland elected officials are highly accountable to and representative of the Soundlandian public. Soundland is proud to boast a multi party political system, and with every election cycle, voters have a wide range of options, with numerous political parties and independent candidates to choose from.

Click here to see the eligibility requirements to run for office.

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