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The Executive Branch

The Executive branch of Soundland consists of the President, their advisors, and various departments and agencies as well as the cabinet, a body of all the secretaries of the executive departments which are the counterpart to a parliamentary system's ministry. The cabinet advises the president on a wide range of matters. 

The Executive Branch carries out and enforces the laws passed by the legislative branch, conducts diplomacy with other nations, and has overall responsibility for the governance of the state and is led by the president together with the vice president, who are elected by a ranked-choice vote every three years.

"Executive power shall be vested in a president of the Republic of Soundland, who shall be joined by a vice president. The president and vice president shall be elected every two years [...] by a ranked choice voting procedure."

What Does the Executive Do?

Conducts International Diplomacy and Signs Treaties
Handles Administration and Day-to-Day Running of Soundland
Executes the Law and Other Passed Acts

Government Departments and Agencies

Departments and Offices
Independent Agencies
Armed Forces
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