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President Will Attend Microcon 2023

Updated: Jan 28

Today, the Office of the President confirmed in a press statement that President Morber would be attending Microcon 2023, an international summit of world leaders from across North America in Chicago. President Morber has previously attended Microcon 2022, originally set for 2020, but held back due to COVID-19. The statement released by the Office of the President said the following:

"The Office of the President is pleased to formally announce that tomorrow, President

Morber will be traveling to Chicago to participate in the highly anticipated Microcon 2023 Summit. Microcon, a biennial summit of micronationalist government representatives and heads of state, will convene in Chicago from June 30th to July 2nd.

There, President Morber will engage with other leaders from across North America in diplomacy and represent our nation on the world stage. In addition, President Morber will be signing a treaty at the summit with the Republic of Excelsior."

President Morber is honored to again represent Soundland after Microcon 2022, and appreciates the unique chance of attending two years in a row, due to the decision to switch back to the original schedule after Covid-19.

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1 Comment

Joah Blair
Joah Blair
Jul 02, 2023

Thanks president Morber for getting the new of Soundland out there and hopefully getting more citizens!

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