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President Morber sworn in for a second term

Updated: Mar 22

The Capital building, shortly before the inauguration ceremony. (Soundland Government)

Yesterday, at 2:00 in the afternoon, President Morber was sworn into his second term on the deck of the capital building by recently confirmed High Justice Trachtenberg. President Morber and his running mate were both elected for a second term on June 19, when they ran unopposed due to no other candidate submitting a bid.

President Morber has promised to continue and expand upon his initiatives in office in his second term, focusing on internal development of Soundland, diplomatic relations and passing packages meant to build a legal framework in Soundland and create progressive policies. President Morber signaled that he looked forward to working with the parties in the National Senate to accomplish his legislative goals.

This was the first inauguration in Soundland's history, as the new constitution was only recently passed this year. The new constitution shortened presidential terms from four to two years, triggering an election for President Morber and his VP after three years in office. The constitution of Soundland set this oath that all president and vice president-elects must take before the start of their term:

"I, do solemnly swear and affirm that I will faithfully serve Soundland and its people, to faithfully execute the powers of my office, to promote the ideals of democracy, liberty and equality, and that I will uphold, abide by and defend, to the best of my ability, the constitution of the Republic of Soundland."

Thus marks a historic day for Soundland. The inauguration ceremony not only reaffirms President Morber's mandate but also highlights the democratic values that Soundland cherishes.

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