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2024 National Senate Election Results Announced

The 2024 election for the National Senate took place from May 17 to May 19 and resulted in a 41% turnout rate.

The 2024 election for the National Senate concluded Sunday, and on Monday the Soundland Government officially announced the result.

The Government reported a turnout of 41%. There was one ballot cast as abstain. All of the three independents and the one Soundland Unity Party candidate who ran were elected to the National Senate after only one round of RCV procedure, and all but the incumbent SUP Speaker Joah Blair were new on the ballot. Incumbent Speaker Blair won a healthy but decreased majority of the vote, with 46.15% of voters casting their first choice vote for him.

However, it still remans to be seen if this high electoral polling will transfer into a second speakership for Mr. Blair.

A chart showing the change in composition of the National Senate between 2023 and 2024. There was a major gain the amount of independent Senators, while the LDR and SLP put forward no candidates for the 2024 election. (Soundland Government)

It has been speculated that some of the independent candidates may form a political party after the fact, but that possibility has not been confirmed, and it is uncertain how many of the independents would be a part of the new party.

The first sitting of the second National Senate is expected to take place shortly. Senators will elect a Speaker and prepare work on important business, including the introduction and passage of crucial acts that expired with the First National Senate. In addition, before any business is taken up, it is expected that the new session will, for the first time, adopt Standing Rules that will govern the National Senate and set parliamentary procedure.

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