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The State Dept. Supports Ukraine

The Department of State of the Republic of Soundland strongly condemns Russia's unprovoked and continued aggression against Ukraine and its blatant disregard for international law and norms. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian government and its citizens as they face the ongoing Russian invasion.

Russia's actions in Ukraine represent a clear violation of Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law. The Republic of Soundland calls on Russia to immediately withdraw its military forces and weapons from Ukrainian territory and to respect Ukraine's right to self-determination.

We also condemn in the strongest terms the Russian war crimes committed in the conflict, including the deliberate targeting of civilians, the use of illegal weapons, and forced displacement of children. The Republic of Soundland supports the efforts of the International Criminal Court to hold those responsible for these crimes accountable and urges the international community to support these efforts as well.

Specifically, the Republic of Soundland demands that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be held accountable for his role in the war crimes committed in Ukraine. The Republic of Soundland supports the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Putin and calls all nations to cooperate fully with the ICC.

The Republic of Soundland is fully committed to its unwavering support for Ukraine and its people in the face of Russian aggression. We call on Russia to immediately end its aggressive actions in Ukraine, respect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and allow for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The international community must stand together in condemning Russia's actions and supporting Ukraine's efforts to protect its people and its sovereignty.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, services and goods from Russian government or military or organizations or persons associated with such have been under sanction by the Soundland Government.

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