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Speaker Re-Elected in First Meeting of New National Senate

A view of the Capitol building (Soundland Government).

The 2nd National Senate met today in the Capitol building for the first time since the recent election. Newly elected senators took their oaths of office, swearing to defend the constitution and to fulfill their responsibilities to the people of Soundland. The major issue on the agenda was the selection of a Speaker for the new term.

Senator Joah Blair, the only current incumbent member of the National Senate, was re-elected as Speaker 3 to 1. Blair won the vote of confidence against another senator who had put themselves forward as an alternative, but members deferred to Blair's experience as the Speaker of the prior term. After the election, senators then broke into deliberation to coordinate on the issues of sponsoring important bills.

The new National Senate has their work cut out for them, as they look to work through a backlog of legislation. In addition, senators will be confirming the appointments of several new secretaries after the expected passage of bills establishing new Justice and Culture departments, as well as filling existing open posts in government.

Today's session laid the groundwork for the new legislative term, mixing fresh faces with experience leadership.

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Jun 10

I love to see our free press and journalism functioning at its full capability. This event only happened today and it’s already on the website!

Jun 10
Replying to

I second that. Well done journalism!

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