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Latest News


"Democracy, Liberty, Equality."

The Republic of Soundland stands for Democracy, liberty, and Equality and actively works to promote these values  and their subsequent causes both in the Puget Sound and beyond. The Republic of Soundland takes a firm stance on international crimes, human rights and the rule of law.

Our Values
 An Introduction to Soundland



The Republic of Soundland is a foreign and independent nation within the Puget Sound founded by Clark Morber.

The Republic of Soundland was founded after federal agents in Portland by order of president Trump, started kidnapping protesters in July of 2020.


Morber had already been been concerned with the Trump administration and civil rights in the U.S. but saw this act as crossing a final red line into authoritarianism. Clark saw parallels between what was happening and fascist regimes and their secret police.

Viewing this as a path taken by the American government, he succeeded on August 2nd, 2020.

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Our History

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Welcome Message
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President Clark Morber

A kind welcome to the Republic of Soundland, nestled in the beautiful nature of the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest!


I am Clark Morber, president of the Republic of Soundland.

We are a small and young but growing micronation, with an amazing community that has a vibrant culture, an active economy with its own currency, and a flourishing democracy! We take great pride in our home and hope you will too.

I welcome you to look around our website and to discover more about us, who we are and what makes us unique. This website serves both you and our citizens, supplying  them with news, resources, and access to government services. 

Clark Morber is the President and founder of the Republic of  Soundland.

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